week 2- 2/15/19

After finishing the virtual build on Solidworks, today we started building our actual robot. We did a test bench where we updated the firmware of the cortex. We tested batteries, the motors and cortex and connected the controller to the dual motors. We learned how to use Robot IC which the software to control the cortex and we updated it. 

Week 2- 2/13

This week our main goals are to start building. We have already chosen our bot style(square) and downloaded the parts needed to build it virtually.` Today Ian will continue to finish the virtual robot build on Solidworks. After finishing the build we will go to the back and start working our robot.

Week 1 2/5 & 2/7

week 1

Today our main goal was to start up our Blogger pages and complete a bio
page for all of our team members(which are Ian Alejandro, Abrianna something
and Roche something. After finishing our first post we continued to re-inventory
and organize all of our tools and toolboxes and carts in the back of the room.
By the end of the week our goal is to be completely done and start building our
virtual robot in Solidworks, which would be the square bot, and hopefully by next
class start building the frame and setting setting up for the rest of the quarter.
This is still the first week and the second day of working on the robots. Roche and I (Ian) have assigned are selves to be the people working on building the robot virtually on SolidWorks and we alternate when ever we get tired. From this day on Abrianna will be updating the blog and taking picture of what is currently happening. We have decode that we are going to be doing the square bot just because it is the easiest to …